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Great Projects!

Stirling Ave. S. (Russel St. to Mill St.) Road Reconstruction
City of Kitchener

McKenzie St., McNaughton St., Lowell St., and Pollock Ave. Reconstruction
City of Cambridge

Allen Street Reconstruction
City of Waterloo

Hespeler Village Reconstruction and Streetscaping
City of Cambridge

2015-2016 Concrete Sidewalk and Curb Restoration
Township of Centre Wellington

Main St. Waterdown
City of Hamilton

First Ave. Sidewalk
City of Hamilton

Northumberland St. Watermain Replacement
Region of Waterloo

Henry Street Reconstruction
City of Brantford

Sidewalk Construction
City of Brantford

Water Street Reconstruction (King St West to Joseph Street)
City of Kitchener

Queensway West Sidewalk Construction
Norfolk County

Arthur White Avenue Reconstruction
City of Cambridge

Ontario Street (Charles St to Joseph St). and David Street (Joseph St. to Jubilee Dr.)
City of Kitchener

Surface Asphalt and Miscellaneous and Roadway Improvements at Various
Locations - Cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Township of Woolwich ON, Region of Waterloo

Road Rehabilitation - Balfour St. and Grey St.
City of Brantford

Reconstructing of Existing Concrete - Mountable Driveway Curbs and - Driveway Widenings

Annual Concrete Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter, Driveway Ramps, Asphalt and Road repair Work.

Walker and Panabaker Street Reconstruction

New Sidewalk/Multi Trail Construction

Borden Street Reconstruction