Ontario’s Accessible Employment Law

Sousa Concrete is committed to being responsive to the diverse needs of all residents/visitors in our area of work by eliminating barriers in a manner that respects dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity. We believe that people with disabilities should not be forced to accept lesser service, quality or convenience as a result of their disability.

Dignity and Independence:

Sousa Concrete will provide accessible routes around construction site to respect the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. Sousa Concrete recognizes the importance of pedestrian access in and around our work zone. Pedestrians are provided with reasonably safe, convenient, and accessible paths that replicate as nearly as practical the most desirable characteristics of existing sidewalks or footpaths. We identify by observing existing pedestrian travel patterns and accommodations prior to the start of work and as the work actually progresses.

We are committed to maintaining pedestrian pathways to the disabled and to those with assistive devices, guide dogs, service animals and service dogs and those who have a support person by;

  • Having a continuous route for all pedestrians including the disabled and bicyclists shall be maintained at all times. When an existing continuous sidewalk or street crossing route cannot be maintained for pedestrians because of construction, temporary walkway with ramps will be provided.
  • Maintaining a minimum width and smooth surface for wheelchair access. This includes providing wheelchair ramps if pedestrians are channeled from the sidewalk into the street.
  • Inspecting pathways regularly, and keep them clear of debris and well-maintained.
  • Minimize work vehicle and equipment movements across pedestrian designated pathways.
  • Remove any hazards and re-evaluate adequacy for pedestrian safety.
  • Construction will be phased to maintain access to affected addresses.
  • Temporary walkways are never to be blocked by our vehicles, material piles, signs, or rubble.
  • Access is maintained to the affected businesses and residences.